Meet our Clinical Psychologist Unami

As well as being a Clinical Psychologist, Unami wears a number of hats that make her an interesting person to know. Unami is a Board-approved Supervisor for clinical psychologist registrars and other psychologists and she has an interest in helping other psychologists develop their clinical skills, private practice growing in their careers. On a more personal note, Unami brings all of who she is to how she works with her clients and this adds a richness to her work. She is married and has four children. Unami is a writer, a poet, a singer-songwriter, a Pastor and a homemaker. If you are wondering if she will understand you, Unami knows first hand the experiences of fear, anxiety, discouragement, helplessness, hopelessness, rejection, grief and loss. From her life experiences Unami understands the challenges around managing various conflicts in family relationships, weight management issues, financial difficulties, and dealing with physical health challenges. Take the time to engage with her and see the mental shifts that can happen for you.

Therapeutic approach

Unami has a unique way of working with people based on their identified needs. She believes in taking the time to build good rapport with the client and working collaboratively on identified goals. Unami believes people have the internal resources to work through their own issues and that she mainly facilitates that process alongside the client. Unami values the opportunity to monitor closely the shift and transitions made from the beginning to the end of therapy. Clients take ownership of their issues of concern and are encouraged to give feedback throughout the counselling process in order to identify gaps in the process to allow a more effective therapeutic journey.

Meet our counsellor Olga

Welcome to my profile! My name is Olga and I am a compassionate and empathetic counsellor who possesses the ability to create a warm and caring environment to help the people who come to see me to feel safe and looked after. When you struggle to cope with everyday life, if you are feeling stressed, exhausted, emotional and find it difficult to manage the overwhelming pressure of life, I am here to help.

My work is based on creating the right conditions where you can reveal more of yourself and under which the process of self-discovery, self-confrontations and self-acceptance will occur. As a qualified therapist with Diploma of Counselling and currently being in the process of completing my Masters in Counselling, I possess a number of skills such as empathy and active listening to help you freely express yourself, your feelings and emotions with no interruption and judgement.

Olga's journey

Evidence-based practice plays a key role in the way I work. I truly believe that every person is individual and unique and has a particular purpose in life that consists of the person’s personal experiences, values and beliefs. The journey towards finding the key to one’s purpose takes time. Therefore, I start my work from assessment and evaluation of the context of people’s medical history, childhood and adolescence experience, individual characteristic, cultural backgrounds and personal preferences of outcomes of therapy.In my profession I value autonomy, which makes me create a non-directive climate that can contribute to greater self-direction and self-exploration. I am genuine and honest with people I work with that counselling is a process of engagement between two people. With the presence of care, acceptance, sensitivity and empathy and working in collaborative partnership, a genuine dialogue will be created that will eventually contribute to positive changes and therapy outcomes. I believe that we are all resourceful, trustworthy and capable of self-direction and self-understanding.

My life experience has given me the opportunity to be open to working with people from various all walks of life including various ages, races, nationalities and backgrounds. I value helping individuals to resolve their issues and developing strategies for personal thriving. I am hopeful, have strong belief in positive changes and I am looking forward to working together towards achieving joy. One of my most treasured roles in addition to being a counsellor, is that of being a mother to two children. Apart from speaking English, I am fluent in Russian and also understand Ukrainian. I have a special interest in mountain skiing, interior design and writing personal life stories. I enjoy making meals from various national cuisines and creating my own recipes for children.

Olga’s life experience has made her open to work with clients from all walks of life, including various ages groups, races, nationalities and backgrounds. Olga values helping people resolve their issues of concern and developing strategies for personal thriving.

Therapy interests

Apart from being an active and empathetic listener, my knowledge and experience include:

· Person-centred therapy

· Play therapy

· Art therapy

· Cognitive-Behaviour therapy

· Narrative therapy

· Psychoanalytic therapy

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory