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We have 20+ years experience of practising Psychology and working with both clinical and non-clinical presentations.

We are passionate about helping the client identify current triggers of unwanted and distressing symptoms. Together we explore any underlying factors from the past that may be maintaining unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Services are available to individuals, couples and families.

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Psychology Services

Coaching for Christian Women

With training in real leadership for women masterclass program we’ve developed a special passion for leadership coaching and mentoring; particularly working with women who are at a crossroads and in need of some extra help to move their life forward in positive and constructive ways.

Unami has a particular interest in coaching in 2 areas; Christian Women in Business and Women struggling with managing Obesity.

She offers online courses for each of these areas.

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Online Courses for Obesity Management

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Clinical Supervision

As a Board-approved Supervisor for provisional psychologists and Clinical Psychologist registrars, Unami Magwenzi is keen to give back to her profession by helping the next generation of Psychologists.

Why us?

Vast Experience

20 years experience in the field of psychology.

Our reputation
We have been serving our communities diligently for over two decades.
What We Believe

There is never a hopeless situation.

Human touch

Whether you're a Telehealth or face to face, you are our priority.

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