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a living room with a couch, chair and lamp
a living room with a couch, chair and lamp

Unami is the founder and director of Hope Lives CreationS Pty Ltd. This is a psychology and coaching business focused on giving people from all walks of life hope to live according to their values and sense of purpose.

The mission is to give hope, inspire and encourage people by  helping them discover and use their unique gifts and talents and remain connected to their true sense of self and social connections. 

If you are wondering if she will understand you, Unami knows about fear, anxiety, discouragement, helplessness, hopelessness, rejection, grief and loss. From her life experiences Unami understands the challenges around managing various conflicts in family relationships, weight management issues, financial difficulties, and dealing with physical health challenges. Take the time to engage with her and see the mental shifts that can happen for you. Whether you are after therapy or coaching, she is there to listen and walk the journey with you.

Unami brings all of who she is in how she works with her clients and this brings a richness to her work and the experience for those who meet with her. She is a writer, a poet, a singer songwriter, a Pastor and a homemaker with a husband and four children.

Our mission

We believe that in the midst of confusion, hope lives and this is at the core of how we approach our work with clients; there is never a hopeless situation.

Our values

We value HOPE

We value JOY

We value DIGNITY



I took coaching on because developing my myself and my business to its maximum potential means a lot to me. Unami is a trusted friend and when she informed me of her coaching business, I was keen to support her while achieving my business and personal development goals.

The coaching relationship met my expectations.

Unami was easy to talk to and relatable. In the difficult season of business, I found her encouraging and together discussed solutions to the challenges.

I loved being able to unpack my business goals with her and how she challenged me to pursue my goals.

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